Unlike many email marketing systems all Mint Mail features are available to all our customers, whether you are an individual or a large organisation.

Online Access 24/7

Mint Mail is an online system accessed via the internet. Clients enter their exclusive Mint Mail system via a username and password.

Point & Click Technology

Targeted campaigns can be sent in a matter of clicks making Mint Mail a valuable time saving tool.

Full Contact Storage

All your email contacts are stored within your Mint Mail system.

Customisable Data Fields

Your contact list can subdivided into relevant groups for more targeted emailing.

Bulk Contact Import Facility

Contacts can be added individually or uploaded in bulk using a simple spreadsheet layout.

Send from your own email address

Use your own email address to send your campaigns.

'Set to Send' Timer

Prepare your campaign at your convenience and then set the timer to send whenever you choose.

Template Library

Mint Mail provides a variety of templates which clients are welcome to use to create their own campaigns.

Campaign Preview

With the click of a button you can check your campaign before its sent.

Automated Unsubscribe Option

In order to follow proper email marketing practice an unsubscribe option must be available to your contacts. Mint Mail includes this automatically when your campaign is sent.

Bounces & Unsubscribe Reporting

Bounce emails are those that don't arrive with the contact often because the email address is no longer use. Unsubscribe reporting lists those who no longer wish to receive your emails. It hurts but that's life.

Automatic Bounce Handling

Keeping your contact list as fresh as a daisy by removing emails that bounce back.

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